Milling Machines

A milling machine is a machine tool used for the shaping of metal and other solid materials. Milling machines exist in two basic forms: horizontal and vertical, which terms refer to the orientation of the cutting tool spindle.

Milling machines can perform a vast number of operations, some very complex, such as slot and keyway cutting, planning, drilling, dies inking, rebating, routing, etc.

Milling Machine Milling Machine

Fast Facts

  • High chip cutting capability.
  • Counter balanced spindle.
  • Heavy duty fibbed cast iron structure.
  • Hardened & ground gear & shaft.
  • Large T-slotted work table.
  • The feed rate is infinitely variable
  • Heaving proportioned knee and side assembly that travels on precision hand Scraped slide ways that ensure rigidity & stability under extreme loads.
  • User friendly front control for hustle free operations.

Standard Features

  • Vertical attachment with packing arrangement
  • In-built coolant pump and piping
  • Backlash eliminator
  • Universal table
  • Arbor support & arbor
  • Tool box
  • Test chart & high endurance certificate
  • Instruction & maintenance manual

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