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GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is setting new standards in the provision of specialized Industrial and mechanical services to the oil & gas, aviation, chemical, mining, cement, steel, agriculture, fertilizer, utilities and dairy industries.

Key to success is our corporate commitment to safety, quality, highly trained multi-skilled teams and innovative equipment to ensure we exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our extensive Engineering Design and Construction team is focused on continuous improvement, consolidating Best Practice and cutting edge technology, Technical alliances with international corporations have ensured best practice transfer, plus access to innovative equipment and processes

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Calibration Services

Calibration Services

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is not only an industry leader in critical bolting applications; we are also renowned for our professional calibration services. GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO has proudly served the petrochemical, oil refinery, wind power generation, and off shore industries with our impeccable calibration services.

We have more than 50 years of combined industry experience. GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO It is important that your Tools, Tackles and Equipments regardless of type and electronics are recalibrated at least every six months to ensure safety, performance, and reliability.

We provide

  • Calibration of mechanical equipments
  • Calibration of electrical equipments
  • Calibration of thermo equipments
  • Calibration of pressure equipments

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO specializes in wind turbine foundation tensioning that is a critical bi-annual service.

Calibration Services

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