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Biogas Stations

Biogas Station

Biogas stations

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO collaborating with the leading agricultural and water management specialists has many years’ experience in biogas station application. This allowed the company to develop outstanding know-how for the implementation of complete biogas stations, individual reactors or tanks and other units.

The tanks made by GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO of enameled plates are used in assemblies designed for anaerobic stabilization of sludge produced in sewage treatment and livestock slurry or for co-fermentation of other organic materials. The biogas assembly comprises feed material accumulation and preparation unit (including sanitation system, if appropriate), anaerobic reactors (fermenters) featuring the wet fermentation process in mesophilic or thermofilic temperature range, gas handling unit equipped with desulphurization system, power and heat generation unit, drainage unit and digested sludge storage unit.
The enamelled fermenters enable to considerably reduce the organic contamination of liquid waste produced in agriculture and municipal sector.
The gas-tight tanks with top-quality surface protection on baked enamel basis provide the best steel protection against corrosion caused by both the liquid and gaseous fermentation products.

Agriculture Biogas Station

Bio Gas
Biogas station is based on two fermenters made of enamelled plates, each of 2100 m3 operating volume. Each fermenter is equipped with special screwed steel roof with membrane gas holder of 700 m3 total volume.




Biogas station parameters:

Bio Gas
Co-fermentation of cow and pig slurry with an addition of zoogamous by-pro-ducts and by-products of vegetative origin in an amount of 130 m3/d and charge dry matter up to 12 %
mesophilic fermentation at 40 • ° c power generation by four cogeneration units (total capacity 680 kw) running at full capacity for 95 % of the operation time yearly power output over 4 772 mwh yearly heat output over 21 135 GJ expected off-heat utilization to dry vegetable products and heat council houses


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