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GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is setting new standards in the provision of specialized Industrial and mechanical services to the oil & gas, aviation, chemical, mining, cement, steel, agriculture, fertilizer, utilities and dairy industries.

Key to success is our corporate commitment to safety, quality, highly trained multi-skilled teams and innovative equipment to ensure we exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our extensive Engineering Design and Construction team is focused on continuous improvement, consolidating Best Practice and cutting edge technology, Technical alliances with international corporations have ensured best practice transfer, plus access to innovative equipment and processes

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Storage Tank & Environmental Engineering

Storage Tank

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is divided into product Business units (pBu) which have matrix structure and are managed by pBu directors.

Scope of business

Design, manufacture and installation of tanks, enameled containers, biogas »stations, waste water treatment plants as well as custom-made pressure and pressure less systems including spare parts for metallurgical industry.

Storage Tank

PBU 862.1 – STORAGE Complexes

Storage tanks for
chemical industry , For oil and oil products, storage tanks, stand pipes, Gas holders, containers, overhead pressure tanks, underground pressure tanks, spherical containers, cylindrical containers including buried ones reactors, columns, separators, exchangers for chemical industry,

Deliveries according to branches

  • Complexes as an engineering branch
  • Tubular products
  • Boiler pressure systems, Kt and pressure piping
  • Stationary turbine components
  • Nuclear power plant equipment
  • Other equipment – blast furnaces and convertor components, exhaust and
  • Cooled pressure systems, spare parts for steel works
  • Waste water treatment plants – biogas station
  • Enameled tanks
  • Galvanizing
  • Surface treatment

Storage Tank Storage Tank


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