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GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is setting new standards in the provision of specialized Industrial and mechanical services to the oil & gas, aviation, chemical, mining, cement, steel, agriculture, fertilizer, utilities and dairy industries.

Key to success is our corporate commitment to safety, quality, highly trained multi-skilled teams and innovative equipment to ensure we exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our extensive Engineering Design and Construction team is focused on continuous improvement, consolidating Best Practice and cutting edge technology, Technical alliances with international corporations have ensured best practice transfer, plus access to innovative equipment and processes

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PBU 862.2 – Environmental Engineering

Environment Engineering

The core products of GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO are overhead screwed tanks (made of enamelled plates) for liquid and loose industrial raw materials, chemical and waste materials which have been manufactured for over 40 years.

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO offer a quality guaranteed by Iso 9001-2000 certificate.
Enameled tanks and containers

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO produces and delivers large-volume screwed tanks made of enamelled plates
made by the company. The enamelled tanks, silos and containers offered by GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO , have self-supporting shell structure and are made of steel plates enamelled on both sides. The plates are joined by special dome-head screws with head coated with plastic. The joints are sealed using high-quality cements. High variability of the plates enables to flexibly adapt to the customer demands and designers´ requirements Apart from the products above GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO also offers surface treatment services in particular hot-dip galvanizing and coatings applied by hot spraying. The surface treatment is performed at a plant specializing in large-area spray applications for metallurgy, mechanical engineering and power-plant engineering (e.g. on cooled ladle
and electric furnace covers, coolers and walls of convertor flue gas ducting…)

Characteristics of enamelled tanks: »
Minimum lifetime: 40 years, guarantee period: based on an agreement
Standard diameter: 2.04 m to 41,88 m, standard height: up to 17,57 m. the tanks are designed in accordance with ČsN, eN, Iso, Bs and DIN standards.
The tanks bottom is usually made of concrete but can be also mede of steel and
Welded or screwed (enamelled). The tanks can be equipped with conical self-supporting gas-tight enamelled roof with 18° pitch or roof of other type. The tank shells are sealed using permanently elastic cement also for fluid temperatures up to 100° c.
The joining material is hot-dip galvanized. The screw heads are coated with plastic. The nuts and washer are protected by plastic cap with uV stabilizer.
The tanks, silos and containers are offered in the following enamel colour shades:
White (raL 9001), green (raL 6009), blue (raL 5013) and brown (raL 8017)
Because the components are not detrimental to health the products can be used in Agriculture, food industry, building industry and environmental engineering.

The enameled tanks are designed for:
silage , potable water, cereals, desalted water, limestone, cement, effluent water, fly ash, slurry, dung water, wood, waste, liquid fertilizers, gravel sand, tanks for waste water, treatment plants, granules, pVc, fermenters, brine, salt, oil, soot, gas holders

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