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GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is setting new standards in the provision of specialized Industrial and mechanical services to the oil & gas, aviation, chemical, mining, cement, steel, agriculture, fertilizer, utilities and dairy industries.

Key to success is our corporate commitment to safety, quality, highly trained multi-skilled teams and innovative equipment to ensure we exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our extensive Engineering Design and Construction team is focused on continuous improvement, consolidating Best Practice and cutting edge technology, Technical alliances with international corporations have ensured best practice transfer, plus access to innovative equipment and processes

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Surface Protection / Coating

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO offers a variety of coatings to extend the life of critical turbo machinery, applied using many different methods such as: Air/Plasma/HVOF/LPPS to gas turbine components, steam turbines and compressors, these coatings are designed to keep your machinery running longer and in many cases more efficiently.

Air spray coatings are aluminum based and designed to protect against fouling, corrosion and erosion at lower temperatures. Plasma Coatings are used to reduce base material surface temperatures on components such as combustion components and to protect critical wear surfaces against fretting. HVOF and LPPS coatings are primarily used for very high temperature gas turbine blades and nozzles for base material protection and surface temperature reduction and for internal cooling passage hot corrosion attack.


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