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Shri.Narverlal. P. Parikh & Shri. Pravinbhai.P. Parikh, have pioneered and established The Bombay Tools & Hardware Mart in 1950s. It is the parent company of Parikh Group of Companies, diversifying and expanding its business and range of products from time to time along with the support of its valued and loyal customers.

The company started its operations primararily dealing in Fasteners, Tools and other industrial hardware products and thereafter backward and forward integrated in to manufacturing and distribution.

We believe our greatest strength has been executing large requirement projects with ease and efficiency.

We have a huge dedicated and spare capacity units which facilitates us to deliver large quantities of prod cuts faster, while at the same time have a tight control over quality.

Combined with our years of experience and unique management style of raw material procurement, testing activities and stage wise checking, we are able to deliver goods in time order after order.

Our practical understanding of the requirements helps us to have a better understanding and interaction with our customers and thereby also benefit the customers many times in cost savings .



Key Features

  • High Quality Standards
  • 50 Years of Industry Experince
  • Competitive Prices
  • Vast Areas of Domain Expertise
  • Ontime Delivery
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