Shearing Machines

SHEARING MACHINES is a machine for cutting cloth or bars, sheets, or plates of metal or other material.

Shering Maschine


  • Cutting Capacity: 4 mm up to 30 mm
  • Lengths: 2500 mm up to 6000 mm

Easy to use single axis NC Heavy Duty with PLC and controller (optional).

Suitable for shearing metallic and non-metallic materials and can be easily integrated for on-line shearing applications such as cut to length line, roll forming line, coil built up line, galvanizing line etc.

Clearance between top and bottom blade can be adjusted without feeler gauges from minimum 0.05 mm (required for shearing up to 32 swg sheets) to that required for maximum rated capacity manually by levers.

In hydraulic shearing machine Built-in over load protection protects the machine and the blades against damages due to overload.

Less power consumption, least wear and tear and minimum maintenance reduces operating costs and down time. Noiseless, vibration free operation improves working atmosphere. There is no reduction in capacity due to periodical wear hence unlimited service life is obtained. The stroke length is adjustable according to the job length reducing idle travel and increasing productivity for smaller jobs.

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