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Non Sparking Tools

Non Sparking Tools

Non-sparking safety tools are a premium grade hand tools made from an Aluminum Bronze alloy. Under normal circumstances they should not render a hot spark when they strike, rub, or glance off the target material while working under volatile conditions.

They can be used in the proximity of highly flammable substances such as found in oil and gas construction, petro-chemical plants, explosives factories, mines, shipyards, pipeline construction, armed forces, pharmaceutical, airports, and many other industries.

All non-sparking tools are available in Beryllium Copper by request.

These tools meet stringent International specifications.

Please Note: These tools ARE electrically conductive and SHOULD NOT BE USED around electricity, or conditions which may produce a static electrical discharge, under ANY circumstances, unless indicated otherwise

On customer's demand non sparking tools can be delivered in sizes similar to tools available in traditional steel in different categories. Special tools can be manufactured as per the drawing and design provided by the customer.

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