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Nut & Thread Protector

Nut & Thread Protector

All of these nuts were exposed to the same corrosive environment. All but one had a protective coating. One wore a NUT-SEAL™.

Guess which one
Nut & Thread Protector

The NUT-SEAL thread protector system is a patented, UV stabilized polyethylene thread protector which seals nuts and exposed threads in pressurized grease to effectively prevent corrosion and provide protection against physical damage for fastener threads and nuts. Laboratory corrosion testing has shown no corrosion with this system in 90-day ASTM B 117 salt spray tests and 60-day sour gas tests. The NUT-SEAL system has proven it's
effectiveness in marine applications as the best existing solution for the corrosion protection of fastener nuts and bolts. The protection this system provides allows loosening of the nut from the bolt without the use of special tools after long exposure, and dramatically extends the life of the nut and bolt. Thus, fewer change outs are needed and change outs are significantly easier when they are required. The overall result is significant time savings for maintenance personnel. The system is state-of-the-art in corrosion
protection for fastener nuts and bolts in corrosive marine environments.


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