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Cast Iron Valves

Cast Iron Valves

Product Specifications
Cast Iron valves are manufactured in accordance with BS: 5153, IS:1538, IS: 5312

Body and Trim Material Specification
for Cast Iron valves are BS:1452 Gr. 220, ASTMA :182Gr.F6a, ASTMA :351 Gr.CA15, ASTMA 395 Gr DI, AuCIASTM:439 Gr.02.

Non Return Valves: (Check Valves)

Cast Iron:

PN-0.6 (Flanged)

Size: 14" (350mm) to 20"(500mm)


Size: ½" (15mm) to 6" (l50mm)


Size: ½" (15mm) to 6" (l50mm)

Class -125 (Flanged)

Size: 1½" (40mm) to 24" (600mm)

On request valve can be supplied with:

  • By-pass arrangement.
  • Dashpot (Hydraulic/Pneumatic) arrangement.
  • Specifications & Materials other than specified above.Globe

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