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Hydrotest Pump

Hydrotest Pump

We offers wide range of Pressure Hydrotest Pump

The High Pressure Hydrotest Pump has features like:

  • Manual, motorized & engine driven
  • Offers a complete solution under one roof
  • Sturdy & robust construction
  • Low running cost
  • Extra strong crank case
  • User friendly
  • Hydrotest Pump
  • Hydrotest Pump

Choices Available of High Pressure Hydrotest Pump is Simplex, Duplex, Triplex or Multiplex Plunger and Trolley or Trailer Mounted. Complete package available include engine or motor, control panel board, pressure switch or transducer, pressure gauge or indicator or chart recorder, high pressure NRV and globe valve, suction strainer, high pressure [pipe fittings, hoses, etc.

High Pressure Hydrotest Pump has:

  • Capacity: Up to 60000 lph
  • Pressure: Up to 1000 kg/cm2
  • M.O.C: AISI - 304, AISI -316, Alloy - 20, Haste Alloy C & B, Titanium, Monel and Inconel
  • Temp: - 20 degree C to + 350 degree C

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