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Vaccum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

One would need the vacuum pump to remove the air as well as water vapour trapped in the air-conditioning system after every repair job. Air and water vapour not only taking up unnecessary space, they are harmful also to the compressor. Normally, water will boil at room temperature of 25 degreeC when the vacuum pump reduces the system pressure to 25 mm of Hg. The vacuum pump should be left long enough (15 to 30 minutes) to remove all possible traces of moisture.

Vacuum pump should be capable of pulling at pressures twice the boiling point of the water or around 1 atmospheric or 760 mm or 29” Hg pressure.

  • Vaccum Pumps
  • Vaccum Pumps
  • Vaccum Pumps

Applications - These find use in the following machines :

  • Screen Printing Machines
  • Bottling Plants
  • Vacuum Forming Machines
  • Blister Packing Machines

Salient Features :

  • Steel & fibre vanes are used in the above models.
  • The above series pumps have got low operating noise level.
  • The lubrication in the above Series (Other than LVV150&300 models) is ensured with a gear pump.
  • Oil level indicators are provided in the region where they are clearly visible.
  • All models can be modified to suit specific applications.


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