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Industrial Fire Detection Systems

Gas Flooding Systems

In an analogue addressable system, detectors are wired in a loop around the building with each detector having its own unique 'address'. The system may contain one or more loops depending upon the size of the system and design requirements. The Fire Control Panel 'communicates' with each detector individually and receives a status report e.g. Healthy, In Alarm or In Fault etc.

Highly advanced microcomputer technologies & data communication technique are successfully combined in the intelligent type fire protection systems, achieving disaster supervision and control - on a small or large scale - ensuring that the occupants' safety requirements are met.

LCD Display:

  • Industrial Fire Detection Systems

A simple menu system is featured with the LCD display improved visibility & operation
A multi-function CRT can be connected

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

It is most suitable for such modern buildings as employed in the design of decorative smooth ceilings.

Rate Of Rise Heat Detector

Sensing the rapid or abnormal rise in temperature of ambient air

Beam Type Detector

Beam smoke detectors generally have a maximum range of 330 feet and a minimum distance of 60 feet. They are ideally suited for height ceiling applications.

Fixed Heat Detector

Activate whenever the ambient air temperature reaches the top temperature detector setting.

Communication System

The LFNet communication system facilities system structuring each device is connected to the LFNet line via the interface (NodeCard). The LFNet line is of the dual wiring type which means that even if one of the cables is subjected to a disconnection or short circuit, the system will continue to function as intended.

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