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Turnkey Packages
Setup of Workshop Machineries.

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO Experienced personnel oversee each phase of turnkey project; from the approval of initial design, through planning, scheduling, procurement, fabrication, delivery, construction, inspection, to project completion.

Biogas Stations

Biogas Station

Biogas stations

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO collaborating with the leading agricultural and water management specialists has many years’ experience in biogas station application. This allowed the company to develop outstanding know-how for the implementation of complete biogas stations, individual reactors or tanks and other units.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Waste Treatment Plant

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO offers all-in services, many years’ experience and know-how for the application of waste water treatment plant assemblies or components resulting from the collaboration with
the leading water management specialists.

Storage Tank & Environmental Engineering

Storage Tank

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is divided into product Business units (pBu) which have matrix structure and are managed by pBu directors.

PBU 862.2 – Environmental Engineering

Environment Engineering

The core products of GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO are overhead screwed tanks (made of enamelled plates) for liquid and loose industrial raw materials, chemical and waste materials which have been manufactured for over 40 years.

Surface Protection / Coating

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO offers a variety of coatings to extend the life of critical turbo machinery, applied using many different methods such as: Air/Plasma/HVOF/LPPS to gas turbine components, steam turbines and compressors, these coatings are designed to keep your machinery running longer and in many cases more efficiently.


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