Overhauling Jobs

Overhauling Job

Complete On-Site Overhaul Capabilities

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO can help you uncover hidden assets in your turbo machinery -- and turn repair headaches into bottom-line benefits. In most cases, we can rebuild equipment better than new, with tighter tolerances and improved reliability. In many cases, we can even enhance efficiency and power output. We specialize in steam turbine, gas turbine and compressor overhauls.

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO has the field-service resources of a major OEM -- but we've built our reputation on responsiveness and innovative solutions that the "big guys" often miss. We provide complete outage planning, safety planning, inspection, overhaul services, full-time engineering support, project implementation, parts supply, you name it. Virtually anything we can do at a GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO repair facility - including CNC milling, sub-arc welding and other advanced technologies - we can also do on-site.

Gas Turbine Solutions

Overhauling Job

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is committed to providing world class after-market gas turbine repairs, upgrades, and field service and replacement parts to customers around the world. With local field service and shop facilities applying extensive years of service and engineering expertise, as well as a worldwide inventory of re-engineered, after-market parts for most OEM gas turbines, GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is positioned to offer our customers innovative options, rapid turnaround times and exceptional value.

Generator Solutions

Overhauling Job

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is proud of comprehensive knowledge, services, and products provide for all types of generators around the world. GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO is a single-source provider of inspections, examinations, testing, repairs, rebuilds, rehabilitations, and rewinds of generators. We can also provide new units, offering generator components, like generator stators, rotors, frames and housing. Our solutions cover everything from our Generator Assessment Program to new windings manufacturing to in-house and on-site repairs, upgrades and rewinds.

Superior quality, delivery and value

We have the complete capability to repair, redesign, re-manufacture and test the largest motors used in industry today. We offer repair and rewind services for Induction and Synchronous motors up to 40,000 HP and 13.8 KV, and DC motors up to 10,000 HP. We employ applied motor manufacturing expertise, in-house engineering and advanced "turbo machinery quality" mechanical repair processes for all of your needs.


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