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Thermal Imaging / Infrared Thermography

Thermal Imaging

Infrared examinations reduce unexpected electrical and mechanical equipment failures. GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO’s thermo graphic analysis detects abnormal temperatures that may signify corrosion, damaged wiring, loose connections, and/or insulation breakdown. This vital information alerts customers in advance of problems, reducing repair costs and increasing operating time.

  • Early Problem Detection
  • Prevents Production Downtime
  • Reduces Repair Costs
  • Diminishes Energy Costs
  • Efficient Machinery

As mechanical and electrical components wear or deteriorate, their thermagraphic intensity steadily develops, radiating more heat until inevitable destruction. Structures benefit from periodic infrared thermagraphy surveys that identify leaks in roofs and energy inefficiencies. Regularly monitoring structures and equipment allow customers to foresee faults well before they become problems. Such power is essential in enabling managers to maximize production and profits for their investors.


  • Power/Distribution Lines
  • Motors
  • Bearings
  • Couplings
  • Substations
  • Electrical Cabinets
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Buss Runs
  • Transformers
  • Roof Moisture Analysis
  • Heat Loss/Gain Analysis

GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO’s infrared inspection program reduces customer repair costs while prolonging mechanical and electrical equipment’s operational life. Our system distinguishes the temperature disparities produced by loose connections, damaged/corroded wiring, hot bearings, etc. GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO’s detailed analysis provides images to document problems in addition to experienced recommendations for corrective actions. Capitalize on GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO’s strength in technology and experience to protect your investments.

Everything above absolute zero degree temperatures (-273° C) radiates energy in the infrared spectrum. Thermography is an infrared imaging technique that utilizes an electronic detection system (camera) to display variations in infrared radiation. This technology detects changes in thermal energy (electromagnetic radiation), which is viewed directly on screen and/or converted to a file for storage or hard copy printout. Machinery problems identified using this technology include inadequate bearing lubrication or bearing wear, inadequate coupling lubrication or wear, leaking valves or seals, and motor stator heat source emissions, indicative of possible stator (winding) problems, etc. Infrared inspections are also useful in evaluating circuit wiring, transformers, electrical pot heads, insulators, and heat loss in buildings/structures, valves, seals, etc. GLOBAL ENGINEERING & SERVICES CO offers thermography products and services and can even incorporate the results of infrared machinery scanning into a Condition Monitoring program. This serves to enhance analysis capabilities, thus resulting in a more effective monitoring program.

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