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Inspection & Testing

Inspection Testing

Mechanical testing

  • Tensile test
  • Impact bending test
  • Bend test
  • Hardness test
  • Butt weld bending under tension bends and impact tests
  • Steel weld ability tests

Chemical testing

  • Element content determination in the steels and welding filler metals

Metallographic examinations

  • Evolution of Micro and macrostructure of metallurgical semi-products
  • Evolution of Micro and macrostructure of welds
  • Evolution of resistance to inter crystal corrosion
  • Evolution corrosive attack of steel
  • Determination of delta-ferrite content in steels, filler metal and overlay

Non destructive testing
Non-destructive examinations of welds - X-ray tester for thickness up to 60 mm

  • radioisotopes Ir 192 for 20-100 mm

Co 60 for 40 – 200 mm

  • Linear accelerator for 40 - 350 mm
  • Betatron for 60 mm and more
  • UT
  • MT
  • PT
  • Vacuum and helium test

Plate, forging and tube UT tests
The non-destructive testing staff is qualified in accordance with EN 473, PED 97/23 EC,
SNT- TC-1A –Level I - III for RT, UT, MT and PT methods.

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