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Steel Structures

Steel Structures

Actual focus of steel structure production
Steel structures for power-plant engineering, particularly supercritical boilers steel structures for railway and road bridges  Industrial equipment steel structures – production shops, crane runways, “commercial” steel structures – public buildings, shopping centers, stadiums,


  • Deliver heavy steel structures for supercritical power-plant engineering.
  • Maintain the position in bridge production for domestic market.
  • Extend the deliveries to foreign countries.

Innovations – areas to be modernized

  • Weld edge machining
  • Welding
  • Corrosion prevention (coating)

In-house project development and design »

  • In-house production capacities for all the four steel structure types mentioned above
  • Installations provided by a subsidiary
  • Non-destructive testing and material testing provided by a subsidiary
  • Building of subcontractor chains
  • Significant cooperation with universities and diagnostic institutes


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